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What surprised me was your willingness to go above and beyond.
- Kim

Life Connections believes that we can all have healthier, happier families if we make connections with each other and with the supportive community around us. By connecting, we join a support system of both professionals and volunteers that want to help moms and dads make the best decisions they can for their kids, so that we all grow stronger.

We know that when people are isolated, they feel they have fewer choices and their stress goes up. But if they create friendships and mentorships with people who can help, then they become empowered.

We are here to educate, train, refer, guide, coach, encourage and lift everyone who wants more for themselves and more for their families: more knowledge, more options, more love, more peace.


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The MN SAFE HAVEN LAW for Newborns

No shame. No blame. No names.

In Minnesota, a mother or someone acting with her permission, can safely surrender her unharmed infant (born within the past 7 days) to a designated "Safe Place". A Safe Place includes a hospital, an urgent care facility (during its hours of operation), or an ambulance that is dispatched in response to your 911 call. Personnel at the safe place must not and will not try to determine the identity of the mother, or the person leaving the baby, or call the police.

You have 7 days in MN after your baby is born to find a Safe Place to turn them over to someone else without it being a crime. It’s the healthiest and safest choice for you and your baby, if you should decide that you can’t take care of your child. Leaving them anywhere that is NOT a designated Safe Place is a crime.

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Section 145.902 Minnesota Statutes >

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Life Connections is amazing...from the friendly staff that help with everything, to the diapers, to the clothes - it's so appreciated. Honestly, I don't know where I would be without them. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
- Ashley

What Are My Options?

I'm NOT SURE If I Want This Baby or Not…
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I DON'T WANT To Be Pregnant!
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I HOPE I Can Keep This Baby, But I Need So Much Help.
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