Free Education Program

Opportunities for Learning ~ Applications for Life!


Opps and Apps is a program designed to increase your confidence as you journey through different stages of pregnancy and parenting.

Join us over a cup of coffee for a variety of topics and one-on-one discussions, using DVD’s and other hands-on learning activities to improve understanding and retention, and geared toward what you need.

Each session is about 1 hour.

We can assist with public transportation if needed, and you can earn free gift cards and parenting tools, such as First Aid Kits, thermometers and more!

Call or text 320.491.7089 for an appointment.

For each time we spend together, you will receive a gift that can be used to help you parent. These include $10 Target gift cards (limit of five per year) or other items we may have available.

Beginning January 2015, the Shaken Baby session will be required of each participant if they are taking care of a baby or are in their eighth-ninth month of pregnancy.


Why is this program for me?

  • No cost & free materials!
  • No stress, one-on-one environment
  • You decide the topics
  • We help pay gas costs
  • Receive helpful objects to use at home
  • Learn valuable life skills
  • Hands-on activities make learning fun
  • Your children are welcome — no need for child care
Before I started coming to classes, I didn’t know much at all, being a first-time mom. The classes have helped me so much and make me feel so much better.

Discussion Topics


Going it Alone
Looking at Adoption



Prenatal Health

Smoking and Your Developing Baby
What’s Safe, What Isn’t
FAS & Drugs in Pregnancy
Unborn Addicts
Crystal Meth

First Trimester

Pregnancy--The First Trimester
Prenatal Care
Eating for Two
Ultrasound: Window to the Womb
Your Developing Baby

Second Trimester

Pregnancy--The Second Trimester
Bonding with Your Unborn Baby
Your Changing Body
Your Unborn Baby’s Secret World

Third Trimester

Reducing the Risk of SIDS
Learning to Think
Getting Ready for Baby
Car Seat
Interventions and Labor
Moving Through Labor
Labor: What to Expect
Labor: Infant Care


Interventions and Labor
Moving Through Labor
Labor: What to Expect
Labor: Infant Care

Newborn Care

Newborn Care
Eye Contact Means Love
Infant Massage
Crying, Colic, and Sleep
Your Baby Can Sleep

Newborn Safety

Safe from the Start
Emergency 1st Aid: Accidents
Emergency 1st Aid: Illnesses
Preventing Child Sexual Abuse
Shaken Baby Syndrome
Child Abuse/Neglect


Food for Growth: Feeding Your Baby Breastfeeding
Your Healthy Baby (Breast/Bottle Feeding)
Goals & Benefits of Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding Techniques
Getting Enough Milk
Growth Spurts
Returning to Work

And many More…

Including discipline, parenting, postpartum depression, and child development topics

Our free classes are part of a program called OPPS & APPS, and is supported in part by a grant from the Minnesota Department of Health.


Red Cross CPR/First Aid

We are blessed to have a volunteer that is certified to teach Red Cross First Aid, CPR, and AED classes, either for official certification or for just general interest and safety in the home.

(Red Cross charges a fee if the client wants to be certified. This certification is good for day care workers, foster parents, and other professions. It is NOT intended for those in the medical profession.

There is no charge if a client wishes to take this class without being certified.)

We love that we can offer this class so that all homes can be safer!

Call Julie at 320.491.7089 for more information.